Director of Research Interview Questions

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“They asked me why I wanted to live in Lexington?”

“I was given raw data (in the form of data tabs) and asked to analyze it and compile a comprehensive PowerPoint report with actionable insights.”

“What would your bosses, employees, and co-workers say about you?”

“What experience to you bring to CNN that others would not bring?”

“They did ask me to provide " very specific" examples from my former work that demonstrated my research and supervisory experience and expertise. Therefore, a prospective interviewee needs to be very...”

“The Human Resources Department was very difficult to work with and it took 5 months to become a full time employee from a contact employee. They always asked how I was qualified for such a high...”

“Wonderlic test”

“What would be 5 positive things that your manager will tell about you and 5 things for improvement?”

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