Director of Training Interview Questions

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“What was one of your most difficult situations to manage and how did you deal with it.”

“Based on our described need and vision, what would your priorities and plans be for the first 90 days in this position?”

“Don't remember much on questions. CEO bragged alot about himself and asked about my resume.”

“Standard: Tell me about yourself.”

“Basic interview questions to gain work history and how it aligns to the current role. Are you qualified with your experience to be a strong candidate?”

“I did not expect having to respond to the scenarios or situations. Perhaps most surprising was when they asked me to give an example of a time when a guest was upset, I tried to resolve the problem...”

“No difficult questions. Filling a role vacated by previous director.”

“What do I want to see positive come out of this particular position”

“Woudl you be willing to create and present an hour long presentation, including slides, speaker notes and do so for a fictional company outside of your area of expertise.”

“gave details about a negative experience when I worked for this company in the past (I shared too muc)”

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