Disability Benefits Specialist Interview Questions

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“A list of 25 items were presented to the group which was split into 6 subgroups.”

“Please describe a time when you were faced with a tough decision and you decided to not take action.”

“Tell us about a time that you had to give someone bad news. How did you handle the situation?”

“Name a time when you had to work on multiple tasks at the same time to meet a deadline?”

“Name a time when you had to deal with an out rate customer with limited resources? Did you fail at your goal or reach it?”

“Tell me about the most difficult thing you have had to break to someone. How did you handle the situation?”

“Examples from your past of: - Developing a rapport with a difficult person, how you did it and the results. - Dealing with a problems that had options, your choice and the result. - A scenario...”

“Was there a time when you had conflicting tasks, how did you manage them?”

“I can't remember exactly what the questions were but they were based on what have you done in the past, how did you handle a certain situation, not necessarily questions about your ability to perform...”

“First panel interview was great, the second both interviewers were inexperienced. Just not good at interviewing and could not answer my questions.”

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