Disability Specialist Interview Questions

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“Why did I think I would be a good candidate for the job.”

“A list of 25 items were presented to the group which was split into 6 subgroups.”

“Please describe a time when you were faced with a tough decision and you decided to not take action.”

“You will be asked about Virginia Medicaid, specifically, ID Waiver.”

“Name a time when you had to work on multiple tasks at the same time to meet a deadline?”

“Tell me about the most difficult thing you have had to break to someone. How did you handle the situation?”

“Name a time when you had to deal with an out rate customer with limited resources? Did you fail at your goal or reach it?”

“Examples from your past of:
- Developing a rapport with a difficult person, how you did it and the results.
- Dealing with a problems that had options, your choice and the result.
- A scenario…”

“I can't remember a specific question - I just remember them all being very basic - career goals, reason for leaving last job, etc.”

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