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“If the weather has gone down at your destination and the flight was dispatched without an alternate, what would you do?”

“Will you be able to handle some of the behavior from truck drivers?”

“Tell us about a time at a previous employer when you were asked to do a difficult task.”

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“After being hired as a full-time dispatcher in Longview, would you have a problem with going to other terminals needing help with dispatch?”

“Tell me about a time that you had to make a split second decision.”

Dispatcher at Comcast

Jan 29, 2014

“It wasn't to difficult, Could be are you willing to move since I lived so far away.”

“Name 5 things that would be included on a company's core values”

“What is your experience”

“Why does you background make you a good fit for the position?”

“"With no experience in dispatching why do you want to be a dispatcher?"”

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