Display Coordinator Interview Questions

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“How quickly can you perform the work?”

“What are 3 points or areas of drama in the store would you bring attention to and why? What sort of display would you do?”

“Are you looking for full-time work?”

“What are some magazines or blogs that represent the Anthropologie look?”

“Describe to me your design process, how do you take an inspiration from idea to production? What steps do you follow? How do you stay organized?”

“I don't know that it was difficult or unexpected, but a question to have a real grip on-- how would you explain our aesthetic? And, who would you say is our target market?”

“Do you work well under pressure? Under strict deadlines?”

“Describe your experience with power tools. What kind of tools have you worked with? Describe a project which you used power tools and how did you build it?”

“Why would you leave a company after only 8 months? Why would you be looking to advance your career at a young age?”

“Do you love to work with power tools?”

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