Distribution Manager Interview Questions

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“Tell me about a time you were faced with a difficult task and how you dealth with it.”

“If I were to contact your current employer, what do you thing he or she would say you need to improve on?”

“nothing unexpected were asked, it was very competency based so be prepared about the example of your achievements and be SMART as much as you can.”

“Questions were standard. Nothing out of the ordinary.”

“There were no significant questions asked during the interview, outside of clarifying the expectations of the job. Specifically, making sure that I would be comfortable in the physical work…”

“Nothing abstract, pretty straight forward: Tell me about a time you disagreed with your supervisor.”

“Tell us a time when you have to get a team to buy in to your management style, how did you do it, what was the result. Every question was 4 - 5 parts.”

“Describe a process change you made to incorporate improvement.”

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