Distribution Supervisor Interview Questions

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“Horrible experience.”

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“What did you like least about your last job and explain in detail.”

“Explain your style of management and why it works for you.”

“Be prepared to answer performance based questions such as "Tell me a time when you had to support a decision that you did not agree with and what were the results" or "Tell about a time when you led…”

“Many of the questions required the use of the STAR method to answer them.”

“How would I apply my leadership skills in the Military to the leadership requirements of the position.”

“they use the STAR method which requires some extra thought”

“Tell me about a time you had to work with someone from a different background/culture.”

“How does your military experience prepare you for working with us?”

“There was not a question that I was not prepared for. All the questions are basic experience questions.”

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