District Sales Manager Interview Questions

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“Describe an experience you had with a client/account when you did not work well together, and what you did to improve your working relationship?”

“Why do you want to work at KCI?”

“What makes you think you would be better suited for the position than others applying with significant industry experience?”

“If I had the technical knowledge to do the work.”

“reviewed some spreadsheets and wanted a breakdown of what data we saw and how we could improve the results”

“Didn't feel there were many curveballs. Try to have a good understanding of their business model.”

“If their was a vacancy of sales reps. in your territory which was causing a decline in sales how would you handle that issue to reach your quota in two weeks?”

“What is the real reason why you are looking to sell payroll services?”

“In a previous job, where you had to influence a large sales volume without being directly responsible for the employees who promoted the sales of a product, what tactics did you use to obtain that…”

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