Documentation Interview Questions

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“How do you feel about business to business relationships?”

“Are the hours 10m-6:30pm going to work for you? New empolyees usually take the later shifts.”

“How would you deal with an emotional confrontation, that has fermented across generational & cultural lines?”

“Would you report illegal activities as found?”

“During the onsite interview process, they explained the work in detail and questions were very specifically about my experience in that job function.”

“One of the interviewers told me that the group I would be working with is "contentious" and "competitive" (his words) - not exactly what I expected to hear.”

“Without any prior warning, the second technical writer to interview me attempted to give me a test of my technical knowledge. The first question asked was related to programming. I am not a…”

“Do you have a paralegal certificate? (After, I explained initially that I hadn't; been reassured that it was strictly administrative; and things were going swimmingly.)”

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