Drilling Engineer Interview Questions

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“A well producing with a GOR of X STB/Mscf and X" casing is producing from a reservoir with x perm and y porosity. The reservoir is sandstone. Viscosity of oil is x cP. There was other information as…”

“Why did you want to work for a service company after leaving a producing company?”

“What are your weaknesses”

“Tell me about your favourite classes you took as an engineering student.”

“None. Questions are there to test your response under pressure, and are relatively simple.”

“What is the difference between education and experience ? Why choose to be in drilling and exploration ?”

“why do you want to have an internship with statoil”

“There were no technical questions. They know your experience and were more interested in who you were rather than what you knew.”

“Describe how you would handle a situation involving a coworker you caught stealing.”

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