EasyTech Associate Interview Questions

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“If you were selling a computer, what products would you offer to sell along with it?”

“Do you feel that your current school work load would interfere with your ability to bring quality service to our customers?”

“How would you pitch ESP (warranty)”

“What do you do after installing a new HDD”

“the only question they asked was if i would have a problem up-selling.”

“"Why did you leave your last job?"”

“Tell me about yourself.”

“I was told to pretend my interviewer was a customer and they needed me to sell them a pen.”

“I was surprised that for a technical position, they only cared about asking questions regarding ways of selling replacement plans for electronics. As long as you can show that you will remember to…”

“There were only a couple questions in my interview as it was so short. No difficult questions, just simple ones such as "what does customer service mean to you?".”

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