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Ebay Interview Questions

“Puzzles like math problems and regular interview puzzles”

Developer at eBay Inc.

Mar 13, 2015

“the first interview was about basic question on OOP concepts like ( polymorphism , inheritance and encapsulation) and one programming ques - anagrams.
the questions in the second intr was from my…”

“A time when you did not meet goals... A time when you had poor customer service experience... A time when you had to learn a new skill on the fly... Be very specific... Do homework on company values”

“Given two binary trees check if one is subtree of other.
Verify if given series is a Fibonacci series or not.
Reverse a doubly linked list.
Given a BST with integer values and a key, find the…”

“how I handled a challenging situation”

“Couple of questions on multi threading.
More number of questions on JMS.
Questions on basic OOPS concepts.
Some of the methodologies/Approaches to test an application.”

“Write a program in Java to assess a given string whether it complies with following patterns. Return true if a given string complies with these patterns else false.

N = N1 + N2
N>= N1 &gt…”

Intern at eBay Inc.

Feb 14, 2015

“How would you program the street lights at a four-way intersection. Asked to write pseudo-code for the program.”

“Typical questions: name a time when you went above and beyond. What skills set you apart from others.”

“To remove every multiple i, j, k ..... elements from a list.
To add 2 fractions and reduce it to the simplest form
Another question I couldnt remember but it was easy”

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