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eBay Interviews  /  HQ: San Jose, CA

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eBay Enterprise Interviews  /  HQ: King of Prussia, PA

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eBay Classifieds Interviews  /  HQ: San Jose

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Ebay Interview Questions

“What are your experiences with editing/proofreading? What management styles have you been exposed to? How do you work best - in a team, on your own, a mix of both?”

“What is your goals for the next 5 years”

“Name a specific example when you had a conflict with a coworker. How was it resolved?”

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“Strengths/weaknesses, textbook interview questions, conversational”

“Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision and it did not result as well as planned. What did you learn from the experience?”

Analyst at eBay

Aug 12, 2015

“Q: If you were to design a TV remote, how would you start?”

Analyst at eBay

Aug 12, 2015

“Q: What are some projects that you have worked on?”

“How would you promote products listed on eBay website? How to test your hypotheses? How would you use analytics in HR and other non-marketing fields?”

“What what kind of Project Management tools do you use? What is the average project lifespan of the projects you oversee?”

“They asked about my knowledge of what the company did for businesses.”

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