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eBay Inc. Interviews  /  HQ: San Jose, CA

303 Interviews

3.1 Average

eBay Enterprise Interviews  /  HQ: King of Prussia, PA

64 Interviews

2.9 Average

eBay Classifieds Interviews  /  HQ: San Jose

2 Interviews

3.0 Average

Ebay Interview Questions

“What was a time you had an upset costumer and what did you do to resolve their issue?”

“1. Estimate the average number of transactions on eBay per day.
2. The classic weighing 9 balls with a scale question”

SME at eBay Enterprise

Jun 17, 2015

“Actually don't remember any specific questions other than validating skills from resume. Conversations had been held prior to the recruiter conversation, so the interview was more like checking off…”

“How would you bring back 10,000 clients who have left our service?”

“Describe a situation from your experience where you went above and beyond the customer expectations.”

Director at eBay Inc.

May 20, 2015

“related to building model and coding questions”

“What do you feel is the most important aspect in analytical reporting?”

“Situational and Behavioral questions”

“Datastructure and dynamic programing”

“Simple Database questions. Join queries etc.”

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