Economics Interview Questions

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“Case interview: Given the following data about these board members' stake in this company, time of selling, frequency of selling, etc, what is your conclusion on whether or not they are guilty of…”

“There were no questions that were difficult or unexpected.”

“Surprisingly tricky was "Explain what Eaton does?" I would (and did) describe it as conglomerate who's core business focuses on high-stress moving components and hydraulics, but the HR guy didn't…”

“I did pretty well on the cases (they become fairly doable after some practice), but one of the senior members caught me off guard by having me analyze economic graphs. He gave me little direction…”

“Although not a question, provide two most recent performance reviews from employer.”

“How would you manage costs for home health services?”

“Why do you choose finance as your major?”

“Why did you decide to learn VBA?”

“Explain how you would deal with particular situaitons in detail.”

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