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“Programming in C or pascal after ages”

“My position is not technical so the questions were not technical and I knew more about EDI than the person interviewing me or anyone currently on their staff so I didn't get asked much other than if…”

“I don't remember there being a question that I would call "difficult" or "unexpected". They all seemed to be reasonable under the circumstances.”

“What do I know about Trade Card”

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“Are you abrasive when you ask questions, or passive to the point of not saying anything?”

“Why are you leaving your current job?”

“You're working with someone and they're struggling. What do you do?
(answer 1)
Now you're still helping them, but they're still struggling?
(answer 2)
They're still working on similar issues, but…”

“Do I have any career regrets?”

“What do you do when you get angry.”

“Did I have a degree”

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