Edison Engineer Interview Questions

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“Given the following terms please draw a logical diagram/hierarchy on the board as you see fit.

Dog, Cat, Woof, Animal, Fifi, Run”

“They required each candidate to give a presentation at the beginning.”

“Why did you use the particular element mesh type in your ANSYS analysis over the other mesh types (this questions was specific to my project)?”

“Describe your biggest weakness or failure where things did not go as planned?”

“Creating a 5-minute presentation about yourself. Strict time limit.”

“Asked interested technical questions about projects that I have done in the past”

“When were you disappointed with your performance on a task?”

“Can you explain what <Detail from your Resume> is? (Followed up by your technical contribution to the project)”

“Any question about your achievements is compicated because you have to "shine" and being smart at the same time.”

Edison Engineer at GE

Feb 8, 2013

“Questions about reasons for tolerances on a specific drawing, why some were tighter than others”

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