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“Instead of providing some sort of editing test, the manager asked if "copyediting" was one word or two words and if "copy editor" was one word or two words.”

“You've said that you want to edit fiction. Are you going to be comfortable editing material that is very different from that?”

“What is your greatest weakness?”

“Biggest challenge faced”

“Have to learn everything by myself, at home, only reading the long pdfs was not pleasant.”

Editor at Talcott

Aug 9, 2014

“Proving that I had the training and experience totake on a full time position as an editor with my limited time out of school.”

“Did I feel unloved as a child?”

“No difficult questions, just a comfortable professional interview.”

“All three interviews were quite straightforward. Review of previous documents written and discussion of my experience and ability to perform the job.”

“I don't remember the interview questions.”

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