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“They asked the typical questions, including how I'd deal with difficult people.”

“What are your future goals at Jones & Bartlett, if you have any?”

“I was asked if I know how to code test banks, these are electronic versions of testing materials used for educational purposes. I worked at the world's largest publisher, which is an educational…”

“Why don't you just freelance?”

Editorial at Brafton

Aug 13, 2012

“Program knowledge”

“Tell us about a time you had to be flexible to meet a deadline.”

“What do you know about our company, or the position you've applied for?”

“Questions were straight-forward. No hidden agenda or "gotcha" questions.”

“I had a longish (35+ minute) conversation with the HR person.Our conversation took a strange turn as I answered a question ("Tell me about the origin of your passion for food"); after a long…”

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