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“What is your greatest weakness and how are you overcoming it?”

“Very straightforward and easy - didn't actually ask that many questions of me except to ask about scheduling.”

“What is my ultimate goal in the end?”

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“No difficult questions. Just be prepared to explain how you are intelligent enough to do light data entry and emailed. Degrading.”

“Three weaknesses, three strengths”

“What do you know about [specific academic field]”

“Because it was a writing-focused internship, I was asked this strange question: Have you ever asked for advice on your writing but decided not to take it, and why did you not accept it? That threw…”

“if you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be and why?”

“Asked to complete a quiz about general news knowledge.”

“No difficult questions, the owner was more concerned with offering the least amount of money for the job.”

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