Education Interview Questions

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“Do you stay current on the financial services industry and market movements?”

“Why did you choose a CUNY school over a private college?”

“One of the subject tests was quite difficult - make sure to brush up before you go to the interview.”

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“What are your aspirations for the future?”

“Explain a situation when a sensitive or difficult issue came up on the job, and how you handled it with the client, as well as your immediate co-workers.”

“"Do you intend to continue your education in the field of [insert degree area]"”

“The interview questions were standard but the software demo I did was really a mock demo, so when the panel asked specific questions about the software that were beyond the mock setting, I had to...”

“A how would you handle this scenario.”

“(While looking at my transcript) Which class did you get your worst grade in? Why? Do you regret taking the class?”

“Have you take any Statistics class?”

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