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Jan 6, 2014

Interview Question for Research Assistant at Rush University Medical Center:

“"Do you intend to continue your education in the field of [insert degree area]"”

Jan 3, 2014

Interview Question for Supervisor at Florida State University:

“I had to "justify" why I would be qualified to supervise student teachers in subject areas other than my own.”

Dec 21, 2013

Interview Question for Title I EA at Gresham-Barlow School District:

“How would I feel about toileting a child.”

Nov 8, 2013

Interview Question for Associate Media Developer at Cengage Learning:

“What do you anticipate the American education system to be like twenty years from now? How will technology influence things then?”

Oct 24, 2013

Interview Question for Estimator at Folor:

“Interview started with an open introduction to present personal capabilities, goals and expectations. This can be a little daunting on the spot.”

Oct 21, 2013

Interview Question for Director at University of Central Florida:

“Behavioral questions. Specify actual experiences with your response. Problem-solving.”

Oct 14, 2013

Interview Question for IT Helpdesk Operator at Paramount Citrus:

“What are your aspirations for the future?”

Oct 5, 2013

Interview Question for Adjunct Professor at Los Rios Community College District:

“Why do you want to teach?”

Sep 30, 2013

Interview Question for English Tutor at BEC Tutoring:

“During the first interview, I had to fill out an ACT Prep test, which wasn't difficult but was still unexpected.
During the second interview, I was given five mintues to come up with a way to teach…”

Aug 30, 2013

Interview Question for School Aid at Canyons School District:

“The questions were basic: experience, knowledge, and skills. There was nothing difficult or unexpected in the interview process.”