Education Interview Questions

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“What have you done to keep up with technology”

“Is your certificate current?”

“Behavioral questions. Specify actual experiences with your response. Problem-solving.”

“After I was offered a contract a week later. I was directed to attend a MCS job fair with principals who were looking to fill vacant positions. The most difficult question was: What do you consider…”

“Would you think 8th grade or 7th grade is the hardest behavior management wise?”

“Think about your most difficult student or a student that had behavior problems. Describe a way that you solved a problem involving that student.”

“What are you most afraid of or most excited about regarding work in underprivileged schools?”

“"What do you expect from me?"”

“Do u really have Masters and Bachelors ?”

“What do you anticipate the American education system to be like twenty years from now? How will technology influence things then?”

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