Education Interview Questions

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“What are you most afraid of or most excited about regarding work in underprivileged schools?”

“"What do you expect from me?"”

“Do u really have Masters and Bachelors ?”

“What do you anticipate the American education system to be like twenty years from now? How will technology influence things then?”

“I had to "justify" why I would be qualified to supervise student teachers in subject areas other than my own.”

“So you must be really busy majoring in Art therapy and Psychology.....???????”

“I was asked very generally about my previous experience.”

“I can't really remember, but i do remember that i was asked my highest level of education and why i wanted to work at KFC.”

“How many emails have you sent out in your past experience?”

“1. Why come to Bright Horizons? 2. What would you do if you are with a mixed-age group of 5 children? 3. Tell me about your favorite book. 4. Will you be comfortable working with mixed-age group...”

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