Education Training Services interview questions

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“How do you motivate your employees if they don't value the same things that you do?”

“What do you think the relation between Japan and the U.S. is?”

“Regarding your teaching experience, describe a time where you had to alter your academic lesson.”

“Questions are simple and not hard to answer”

“None really, if you know what you do. They were all standard questions for UI. I do recall them asking me about my biggest challenge in past work.”

“Describe who we are and what we do in 30 seconds.”

“how do you sell a pen?? Or sell this pen to me?”

“What inspires you to teach/train fitness-give 3 examples of how you made a difference in someone fitness goals. Why this gym over others?”

“I was surprised the interviewer did not review my materials. To me this meant she was not serious about our interview. It was difficult to proceed after that moment”

“Do you know what your future with us (Kumon) will be?”

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