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SAT Tutor at Kaplan

Jul 22, 2010

“what did you study in college”

“What statistical techniques are you looking forward to using the position?”

“How would the adjust to life in Washington, DC?”

“Nothing really just the test.”

“Was I up to overseeing two schools; one in Austin, TX and one in Boulder, CO, and review two years of finacial aid disbursements, drop calculations, and correct any mistakes found?”

“Why do you feel qualified for this position?”

Meteorologist at WRC

Dec 2, 2010

“How do you feel about working early morning shifts.”

“One question that trumped me was what news outlet or agency you prefer to watch over all others?”

“How do you manage your schedule/all the things you need to do?”

“Give me a time when you had to make a decision with permission of a manager?”

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