Education Training Services interview questions

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“Why the tutoring has to start in December instead of October as had previously been specified this year. Last year they were supposed to start in September but did not start until late october and...”

“so. why do you want to do this?”

“How would you advocate for a patient who is in pain and the physician is refusing to order pain medication. Not the hardest question but one I remember.”

“Under what management style do you work best?”

“What did you do as an intern for Aspen?”

“How many characters do you know in Japanese?”

“He showed me the way the department worked to make sure that I understood the process.”

“Prepare a sample lesson.”

“Would I be able to take meeting minutes?”

“I was so extremely nervous that I know I don't remember some of the questions, but here are some of the ones I do remember: Tell us about your interest in Japan/JET.”

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