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EH&S Manager at QLogic

Mar 16, 2015

“ISO 14001, Emergency Response and Training. Interviewer ran out of questions to ask.”

EHS Manager at GE

Jun 6, 2013

“Do not remember.”

“None out of the ordinary (problems you've solved, biggest challenge, "what would you do if..." etc) Sensed they were not used to hiring my position and were a bit unsure of what they wanted or…”

“Where do you see yourself down the career path?”

“What is your salary expectation?

Unexpected Question: Director stated job I applied for was too low for my talent level and no longer 'in play' for me. He would prepare a new job description…”

“How would I know if you were mad?”

“How quickly can you implement a change in safety culture?”

“what was your most challenging situation as a manager?”

“why would I want this job”

“Who is or was the most important role model in your life? And why is that?”

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