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“You have 2 pieces of rope, each of which burns from one end to the other in 30 minutes (no matter which end is lit). If different pieces touch, the flame will transfer from one to the other. You...”

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“The most unexpected question was to write a program that would take a 3x3 matrix and move around the values. [[1 2 3][4 5 6][7 8 9]] -> [[9 8 7][6 5 4][3 2 1]] like this.”

“What will happen if you short the i/p & o/p of a CMOS inverter”

“Why are manhole covers round?”

“You have seven stones and a weighing scale. Six of the stones are equal in weight and one is lighter. How will you figure out which one is lighter ? Minimum tries required to do so ?”

“Given a cube made of NxN sub cubes, find the number of cubes that are no exposed to the outside.”

“A boat is in a swimming pool and there is a rock in the boat. What happens to the level of water if the rock is thrown out of the boat?”

“Given Vcc and 2 capacitors A and B in series to ground, what is the voltage in between”

“How to swap the values in 2 variables without using a temporary variable.”

“Are you willing to work in shifts and overtime?”

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