Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing interview questions

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“How do u check what is insied the balck box”

Engineer at Traxxas

Dec 28, 2012

“I expected questions, but not a grade school IQ test. Maybe a personality test would be more appropriate.”

“The lack of questions were the most surprising aspect of this interview”

“What have you ever done technical? (not unexpected but condescending unless BSEE and/or MSEE ask this a lot)”

“Why would you manufacture in China?”

“1 is heavier than the other 5 marbles among 6 mables . given a weight to find the heavier one.”

“Name a time when you had to lead a project and describe its outcome.”

“There are 8 bits inputs ,only use full adder to detect how many logic 1's”

“How does a substrate bias (a.k.a. back-gate bias) on a MOS transistor affect Vt?”

“What was your engineering GPA?”

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