Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing interview questions

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“There are 8 bits inputs ,only use full adder to detect how many logic 1's”

“How does a substrate bias (a.k.a. back-gate bias) on a MOS transistor affect Vt?”

“The hiring manager basically said "our ideal candidate is someone with years of experience but we can't get that candidate - no one who is successful in the business is going to leave $100K in owed...”

“design state machine to test 10110101... how many FF will be used”

“Find the average value of a binary tree both recursively and iteratively. Explain why iteratively may be preferred over recursively.”

“Difficult because those guys kept asking system and software questions even I applied network engineer jobs.”

“There is no unexpected question. Asked a lot of behavioral questions. Nothing Difficult. But it is kind of interesting about one of the interviewer’s attitude. I don’t know it is pressure test or...”

“What can be improved in op amps to further increase their performance?”

“what is the cycle time of this circuit give 2 flops and some combi logic in between”

“How many times do you need to pick 1 pair of socks from 50 white and 50 black?”

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