Electrician Interview Questions

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“Automation and safety toicd”

“Am I able to come to work daily and be a productive employee?”

“They ask vague questions and let you answer them as you see fit, you will not get any feedback or emotion out of the hiring managers they will let you ramble on. Some questions were: Describe a...”

Electrician at Amtrak

Aug 19, 2014

“There were several questions about vacuum tubes on the skills test!”

“Calculate series and parallel resistances”

“Describe the operation of a squirrel cage induction motor. Describe slip. Calculate the synchronous speed of a 6 pole 60hz AC motor.”

“What is a current transformer, and how do they work?”

“What are you measuring when testing a fuse.”

“Intensive specific questions on transistor theory, thermal dynamics , capacitance storage calculations. Resistance and OSHA Safety practices. Symbol identification and blue print reading. Piping...”

“What is the most expensive item you have ever broken?”

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