Electronic Engineer Interview Questions

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“Situational Questions, Resume and preparation with examples is the key”

“Flyback converter and buck-boost converter design models with some serious twists that I had not seen before.”

“Why do you want to work here?”

“Since there were no technical questions all of them were standard n easy. If I had to choose the most difficult it would be "Describe a time when there was conflict in the workplace and how you…”

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“do you have any experience of trade off in your research?”

“standard question if you saw someone stealing what would you do.”

“What is your greatest weakness”

“The most difficult question was regarding a DC motor. 'what will happen if we remove the magnetic field?' I answered that since there will be no field, there won't be any torque generated and hence…”

“Tell me about yourself.”

“How long have you been in an engineering field.”

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