Electronics Design Engineer Interview Questions

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“They asked for two strengths (which was pretty easy) and then followed up asking for two weaknesses. I was not prepared with two weaknesses, only one.”

“Describe a challenging project you were involved in and how did you arrive at the solution”

“None. My Phone interview was pretty straight forward. In the end, it was complete waste of my time.It is one of those companies whom I thought were unprofessional and not completely honest during the…”

“Basically alll technical questions: What is the purpose of this micro controller and what does each pins function?”

“Don't particularly remember. There were few questions on filter design, opamps, PCB design and digital design which I wasn't able to answer.”

“Write a function that outputs the maximum number in an array. Choose any programming language.”

“In the first interview there wasn't any hard questions all behavioral.”

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