Electronics Engineer Interview Questions

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“How long have you been in an engineering field.”

“Tell me about yourself.”

“They asked for two strengths (which was pretty easy) and then followed up asking for two weaknesses. I was not prepared with two weaknesses, only one.”

“What is greatest strength and weakness - typical interview fluff.”

“Describe a challenging project you were involved in and how did you arrive at the solution”

“How do you troubleshoot hardware that works during in-office testing but not at the customer site? An example diagram was drawn on a board showing how the device is set-up to work.”

“None really, but there were 8-10 people in the room all asking about my research experience as an undergrad and what I could bring to their projects. So no particularly hard questions, just a...”

“Some electronics engineering related questions.”

“They were all personality questions since I was an intern previously.”

“Explain a project you oversaw from beginning to end.”

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