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“Are you willing to travel 75% of every month. One week home and three away.”

“How has your attitude effected your work with a customer”

“There wasn't really any difficult questions asked in my opinion. I guess one of the hardest ones that could've been asked was, "Describe a situation that you were given a difficult project. What did…”

“The question they have a tendency to drill people on is why did you leave your last position, especially if was from another electronics retailer. They are looking to see if you got fired or not…”

“They asked for two strengths (which was pretty easy) and then followed up asking for two weaknesses. I was not prepared with two weaknesses, only one.”

“If you were in the cashier and you ring up an item that rings up $19.99, the customer says its $17.99 on the shelf..you go back to check and the shelf says $19.99, what would you do?”

“What is instrumentation Amplifier (IA) and what are all the advantages?”

“How to modify a system without seeing and knowing that system.”

“why you are here”

“why your degree is foreign”

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