Electronics Technician Interview Questions

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“If you were hired, where would you want your office to be?”

“What can you see yourself adding to the company in spite of your weakness”

“What is ohms law?”

“Have you ever had or thought about having a intimate relationship with a person of the same sex?”

“Think you got what it takes to be a Marine?”

“You have five balls of equal size, a two sided balance scale, and one of the balls is heavier than the other. Using only two moves determine which is the heaviest.”

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“What three things would you need to know to find out how many white dashes on the road between San Diego and Los Angeles?”

“Why is a manhole cover round?”

“They wanted a legal contract signed as to working conditions. Very extensive written contract as part of the employment agreement.”

“None, I was hired into a position I had mastered. There was no question they could ask that I couldn't answer beyond their understanding. Had more qualifications than the people interviewing me.”

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