Eligibility Worker Interview Questions

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“If a co-worker did not agree with your ideas, how would you that make you feel and what would you do? (Something to that notion) it was super long questions”

“Typical questions are similar to other panel questions such as Discuss a time when a customer was upset or angry, how did you assist the customer. Or another question would be similar to what would...”

“There were no difficult questions. Just annunciate your words, show that you can communicate clearly.”

“They gave me a sheet with all the questions that they would ask and they gave me a moment to compose my thoughts so it wasn't very difficult.”

“Tell me something you don't want to tell me.”

“What factors do you think are important when working in a qroup?”

“What would I do if I found a co-worker stealing supplies?”

“Name a time where you had to confront a co worker who was doing something they should be doing.”

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