ELP Engineer Interview Questions

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“Given an unsorted array of numbers 1-99 but with one number absent, how would you determine which number was missing?”

“There is an array with 100 slots (0-99) and you have an unordered list of 100 numbers, how can you output the number not included in the array?”

“How would you connect a microphone to a computer?”

“Technical first round question had to do with finding the missing number in an array from 0 to 100.”

“Hardware question in on campus interview asks you to describe a system that could convert a voice signal to a digital computer signal.”

“Given 100 random numbers out of a string of 101, how would you find the missing number?”

“Describe how you would find a specific number in a string of numbers.”

“Behavioral: Talk about a time you did something from start to finish”

“Behavioral: Talk about a time you went out of your way to help someone”

“Encoders/Decoders showed up on the technical question, it wasn't too difficult but one should brush up on this before going into the interview.”

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