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“What interested you about the position?”

“Kept asking about thefts, had I stolen anything from an employer, did I help my friends steal anything, ever stolen anything, etc. over & over with drugs, theft, etc. I am not a thief/druggie!!!”

“Question about SAN Technology-what SAN techs are you familiar with, what have you used? What email system have you maintained? Familiarity with Active directory”

“If you had 500,000 email subscribers, then suddenly lost 100,000 the next day how would you attack this problem?”

“Interviewers were asking questions I wouldn't know the answer to, in order to evaluate how I might respond to similar pressure”

“I didn't expect to talk about what I could do for him. Most interviews are about past experience, and he never reviewed my resume.”

“They will ask specifics about your niche knowledge. Best practices and current coding capabilities.”

“Windows AD, Exchange how do they relate.”

“Demonstrating your abilities in front of your peers.”

“How many emails have you sent out in your past experience?”

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