Embedded Software Engineer Interview Questions

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“Personality Background etc”

“There was one question where you had to find the top 3 results in a much larger list.”

“what is volatile, static ? how would it affect if the static keyword used for big array inside a function? what are sections of memory and what kind of variable is stored where?”

“No difficult questions but the phone conversation was difficult to follow especially after an echo or voice feedback started. It may have been someone in the room repeating what I had just said…”

“Have you ever disobeyed management and why?”

“Describe how would you use a micro-controller to count the number of times there is a high voltage level on a bus.”

“Describe the two different uses of the "volatile" keywork in C.”

“What techniques would you use to reduce power consumption in an embedded system?”

“What kind of data structure would you use to store data from a serial receive line?”

“How would you go about designing a music identification system?”

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