Embedded Software Engineer Interview Questions

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“How would you go about designing a music identification system?”

“When would you use inheritance (abstract vs interface in java), can you give an example.”

“Talk about a time you disagreed with a team mate, and how did you resolve the issue.”

“The most difficult question for me ended up being a multithreading question, mostly because it was the subject least familiar to me.”

“The interview questions were mostly very stock, with some easy technical questions. One question was "how do you instantiate a component in VHDL?". Kind of frustrating as I didn't think this was an…”

“Given a continuous block of memory, design a fifo data cache with the interface get_data() and put_data().”

“Pick a difficult project you've had in the past, explain it to me, tell me what your approach was to solve it and how did it turn out”

“What you see yourself in 5 years, do you want to move up to the manager position.”

“What is the difference between the stack and the heap”

“What is the deference between a semaphore and a mutex”

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