Employees Interview Questions

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“We have an emphasis on diversity. What was an incident in the workplace where someone told you they had been treated unfairly in a discriminatory way, and how did you handle the situation?”

“Would $10.00 an hour be acceptable?”

“Desired salary”

“Learning new systems an operations to assist customers to 100% ability, Supervisors stating I'm a lier, wouldn't want to be my customer.”

“Questioning the honesty of a potential employee.”

“How long did I expect to work there.
For a seasonal or part time position that answer differs for everyone.”

“Have you ever worked hard on a sale that you were not able to close? If so, how did you deal with the rejection?”

“There were very few questions they were mostly about the daily running of a store”

“Have you developed incentive systems and what were the results?”

“Have you worked with a difficult employee or work situation in the past? How did you deal with the issues?”

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