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“Scenario questions like. If you were in a situation where a coworker was doing something illegal or against company policy, what would you do?”

“You come upon a crash while transporting a stable patient. First on scene.”

“If someone was hurt or in danger of physical harm, and you were on duty driving by to another call, you should...”

“why do you want to work here?”

“Have you ever consumed or smoked any drugs? Have you experience any or have been diagnosed with any psychological disorders?”

“They give a scenario and have you verbally work through it. It will be a lose lose situation and you really can't give a right answer but there is one that will get them to stop the scenario.”

EMT at ProTransport-1

May 28, 2012

“why are you looking in the medical field”

“Most difficult questions were regarding step by step use of specific equipment. For instance, how to set up and administer a nebulizer. Dosage, etc. How would I handle a patient in a nursing home…”

“They do not have workers comp insurance (which as far as I know means I just sue them instead of making a claim), and they said they do not discuss pay, which is an illegal requirement.”

“Would you back up without a spotter?”

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