Energy interview questions

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“The coding test was difficult. They give very little time and you need to produce the correct output. This is to see how you perform under pressure.”

“What is the tertiary winding of a transformer used for”

“It was pretty standard hybrid between an academic and a regular job interview. I don't remember any particularly hard questions”

“What would you do if there was a potential situation that required safety gear and there was no PPE gear on site?”

Lineman at PacifiCorp

Mar 25, 2014

“Are you willing to change out three phase underground riser cutouts hot? (Rubber Gloving)”

“Have I ever worked with a supervisor that presented major issues with me possessing an issue to perform my task.”

“have you managed people”

“have you worked in government”

“You appear to be too nice for this job. We need someone who can handle the "renegades" in our California office and make them follow standard processes. The other person who had this role was very…”

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