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Engineer I at AEP

May 13, 2014

“What kind of tree are you?”

“I had an unimpressive undergrad GPA thanks to my first couple years of college. Halfway through the interview, the lead interviewer dropped his scripted questions on the table in exasperation. He…”

“Why do you want to work here rather than the other positions you were offered?”

“Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision without all the information you needed to make the decision. What was the decision and what was the outcome.”

Buyer at GE

Jul 5, 2013

“None were unanticipated - the interviews took place in August and September 2007 ... this year is not available below.”

“asked what i could bring to the team. asked if i thought i could handle being on my feet all day. not too many hard questions. probably the easiest interview I ever had.”

“IT Analyst from Houston, TX was drilling me on Hyperion Planning and Essbase questions that he did not know the answer to and probably thought I was a know it all when I answered the questions…”

“Tell me about a time that a customer was disappointed or unhappy about something and how you handled it.”

“Why do you want to work for Black Hills Power?”

“Two questions that took me by surprise, very tricky: "Name a rule or policy that you didn't agree with at your job that you had to enforce anyway. What was the policy and why didn't you agree with…”

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