Energy Interview Questions

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“do you like helping people?”

“Wanted detailed information about my previous employer (who had gone bankrupt). This is kind of a weal spot on my resume.”

“are you going to produce big numbers immediately?”

“What do you view as the most pressing issue related to petroleum use?”

“What Did I think was the next eveolution of the I.T. Security space.”

“This is a summer-temporary position, but there may be a couple full time, benefit-eligible positions open at the end of the summer. What makes you different than the last applicant and why should we…”

“What is one of your weaknesses?”

“There was a lot of manufacturing questions and Solar, DC questions.”

“How much weight can I expect to lose?”

“Where you from? What's your ethnicity? You willing to stand inside Best Buy and sell DirecTV services for 7 days a week and earn $200 as your "base"? Want to move up quickly to manager and make…”

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