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“Showed some sort of car component that had four bolts, one larger than the rest. When a force is applied, what location on the component would you assume underwent the most stress?”

“One logic question, why is a manhole circular?”

“What is the most unique experience you have had in school?”

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Co-Op Engineer at AMD

Feb 24, 2012

“Main difference between C++ and Java?”

“Design a function that will return a pointer to the n-th element from the end of a linked list.”

“Design an algorithm to compute the even parity bit for a binary input of any size.”

“What do you know about the company”

“They gave me a section isometric view of a part and asked me to draw the top and side views.”

“Tell me abuot about a time where you exhibited leadership in a team (paraphrased)”

“What does a non inverting amplifier with a certain gain(eg 2/3) look like?”

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