Engineer - Co-Op Interview Questions

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“"Tell us a little bit about yourself."”

“Always a fine line to tread, but "Describe an experience in which you failed, and how did you deal with the situation?"”

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“I was coming from another aerospace company, so they expected a full explanation as to why I had decided to work for the competition.”

“Will you be able to graduate on time if you participate in the co-op?”

“I was asked for a transcipt of my grades.”

“What makes you want to work here.”

“None, questions are pretty simple. Nothing unexpected.”

“Showed some sort of car component that had four bolts, one larger than the rest. When a force is applied, what location on the component would you assume underwent the most stress?”

“One logic question, why is a manhole circular?”

“What is the most unique experience you have had in school?”

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