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“Say you have a single-column table of entries of variable size. Implement this table to also contain methods to lengthen one cell, cut a cell shorter, and to return which cell we're pointing at if…”

“Write a function in language of your choice that takes in two strings, and returns true if they match. Constraints are as follows: String 1, the text to match to, will be alphabets and digits. String…”

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“Make a program that writes a Binary Search Tree to a file. Now create a program that reads those files and recreates a Binary Search Tree.”

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“Given an array of integers, all but one of which appears an even number of times, find the one integer which appears an odd number of times. Upon completion, asked to improve the algorithm in terms…”

“I was asked two questions.
Q 1. You are given two version numbers of a software, like Version 10.3.4 and Version 10.3.41. Write a program to find out which of the version numbers are the latest. If…”

“Write an algorithm that does an in-order traversal of a tree recursively. Now, write the same algorithm iteratively.”

“Given a string write a function which prints all the subsets of the string. Now make the function to return only unique solutions.

For example if they give you "abc"
you print out

“Assuming a preexisting list of 100 words, how would you efficiently see if a word received from input is an anagram of any of the 100 words?”

“You have two arrays with N integers in them. Merge those arrays using a recursive algorithm so that the integers in the final array are sorted.”

“Write an algorithm to insert a new value into a circular sorted linked list.”

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