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“How many race heats are needed to find the 3 fastest pinewood derby cars out of a field of 8, if only 4 cars can run at a time (assuming that every car will always run the way/speed and each lane is...”

“If you have a 600 digit number with only 0's and 1's, and exactly 300 1's, can the number be a square?”

“Given a series of strings, find the biggest common prefix.”

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“Suppose you have a device that fires an interrupt every time it fills up with 5 bits of information; how do you commit this data into a 32-bit addressable memory location, without any padding bits?”

“Describe major issues seen with Bisted memories and how to detect/avoid these issues.”

“How do you reverse an integer value (e.g. 1234 => 4321)”

“What are your people skill strengths?”

“Do you balance your checkbook?”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Its a tough question to answer especially if you're changing roles to some degree entering a new company. Its hard to know the culture and how you'll fit in...”

“The most challenging (and interesting) question was about a strategy for finding signal in a noisy and poorly understood data set. Asking a software engineer a data science question really stretches...”

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