Engineer Technician Interview Questions

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“What is your nationality and where did you grow up?”

“There are 25 Netware workstations on a rack, attached to one Netware server. You can only get 20 to see the network at a time. What steps do you take to troubleshoot this?”

“Describe a conflict you have had at another job and the steps that you took to resolve it.”

“Why do want to work for Thiokol [ATK]?”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years”

“What do you know, or what experience do you have with 3-phase power?”

“The interview lasted 40 minutes with routine questions. How do you handle conflicts, how do you handle a coworker who you think are using drugs or drinks on the job, explain a projects you have done…”

“What does this circuit do (Drawn on board with a lot of lacking information)?”

“They showed me a graph, and asked what kind of filter it represented, then they asked what type of that filter specifically might do it.”

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