Engineer Technician Interview Questions

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“What is your nationality and where did you grow up?”

“There are 25 Netware workstations on a rack, attached to one Netware server. You can only get 20 to see the network at a time. What steps do you take to troubleshoot this?”

“Describe a conflict you have had at another job and the steps that you took to resolve it.”

“Why do want to work for Thiokol [ATK]?”

“What do you know, or what experience do you have with 3-phase power?”

“The interview lasted 40 minutes with routine questions. How do you handle conflicts, how do you handle a coworker who you think are using drugs or drinks on the job, explain a projects you have done…”

“What does this circuit do (Drawn on board with a lot of lacking information)?”

“They showed me a graph, and asked what kind of filter it represented, then they asked what type of that filter specifically might do it.”

“What do you enjoy or have any interest in doing? This is important because you're signing a contract for a minimum of 4 years guaranteed. If you make a bad choice those next few years are going to…”

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