Engineering Assistant Interview Questions

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“I was interviewed by a panel of 4 engineers. Most questions were situational questions such as tell me a situation where you took more job than you could deliver, how did you handle it? Have you ever...”

“Where I like to see myself after 5-6 years.And whether I had any plans for further study.”

“Give me an example of a time when you had to exhibit patience/humility when dealing with someone.”

“Unexpected question: "Describe yourself using adjectives." Most difficult question: The famous "Why should I hire you?"”

“It was hard going each week wondering if you were going to get paid on time...”

“Was asked to show samples of my design work.”

“Question based on Fraction from 11th std physics”

“When is the time you solved a Problem between subcontractors. A lot of questions long interview”

“how long have you been using solidworks?”

“Why do you want to work for our company. In prior jobs what was your day to day activities, etc.”

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